In the third year at the academy we have two major projects to complete - the collection, and the creation of a replica of a folk-, ritual- or carnival costume. This is my finished result of the latter - a reproduction of a Spanish carnival costume that is traditionally used for celebrating the arrival of Spring. Althogh I'm an assured vegan, I had a lot of fun creating this costume completely made out of feathers. I could enjoy working with it knowing that the feathers were originally sourced as a bi-product of the meat industry and given without extra cost to the Italian feather atelier that was sponsoring me, as well as using their second rate feathers and left over pieces collected from the atelier's floor which would otherwise have been thrown away. I doubt I'll be given an opportunity like that to try the handicraft out again, and I'm happy to have tried it out.

Here's the photo shoot of the costume, with photos by Nathan Ishar and modelled by Tyas Flumens.

Love, Linus Leonardsson