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Bohemian living in Birkastan in a small flat crowded with clothes, shoes and fashion magazines. Previous archaeologist now working my way in the fashion business. You'll  probably find me hanging out at local bars. I love wine and colorful eclectic outfits. 

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Last days I have been busy organizing, cleaning and clearing my apartment. Well, as you can see on the photo there's a reason why my place is called the “wardrobe-apartment”. However, soon I'm finished and it feels great to have brought some order into my life. Also, I have donated large amounts of clothes and stuff I'm not using. Now, I will try to think through before I consume. That's my new “motto in life”. 

Since I have been so busy at home last days I will go out socializing this weekend. I have an outfit from the other day, still in my camera that I will post later perhaps today on the blog. Hopefully, this will be the last “wintry” blog post for this year. Fingers crossed! It's been sunny the last days and the snow has melted away from the streets after the snowfall last week. I'm so ready for spring right now, bring it on! 

Love, Karin