Helle Hestehave and Rikke Baumgarten of Baum Und Pferdgarten on their SS19 Collection

Written by Meghan Scott

What a refreshing moment this Copenhagen Fashion Week, to step into the stunning and intimate location for Baum Und Pferdgarten, an auction house based in the heart of Copenhagen. Gargantuan antique crystal chandeliers hung from the moulded ceiling, on the walls were a perfect mix of 18th century and contemporary paintings, and tapestries from a time we can only read about adorned the walls. The city had cooled down by the time the doors were opened and the guests could finally take a break from fanning themselves incessantly and relax with a cool aquavit cocktail in hand while anticipating what the duo, Helle Hestehave and Rikke Baumgarten’s had in store for SS19.  

Florals in pastel tones, yellow being key, floated through the venue alongside perfect clashes of gingham 60’s beach attire with subtle monogramming. The duo pleased the crowd once again with their impeccable jacquard pieces that flickered in the light, silky dresses, transparent fabrics and trouser-sets with exaggerated collars. Perfect sophistication with hints of street for today’s fashion set. Juxtaposed with an air of sport, this collection hit the nail on the head for Baum Und Pferdgarten once again. We had the chance to ask  Helle Hestehave and Rikke Baumgarten a few questions about the collection.  

Odalisque Magazine: Having almost two decades together as a design duo, what is the story behind your “poetic friendship”, how did you two come to form Baum Und Pferdgarten? How does your friendship together influence your work?

Helle Hestehave and Rikke Baumgarten: We met at design school in Copenhagen and formed Baum und Pferdgarten January 1st, 1999. We worked on the first collection sitting in a tiny apartment sewing everything by hand. And we have been together ever since. Our friendship is unique as it is not only a friendship but also a partnership, a family, two decades of history and growth. We have become mothers together, business women and much more.

In our eyes that is truly the essence of a poetic friendship.

We are together every day and make decisions together. Our friendship has a great influence on our work, and everything we do is colored by our differences and our relationship. It is what makes Baum und Pferdgarten what it is.

OD.M: What key strategies have you applied to keep the DNA of your brand so strong throughout the years?

H&R: It is about staying true to your vision and embracing what makes us unique. And that is the mix of the two of us, our playful universe and our love of dressing women.

OD.M:  Could you tell us a little about this collections key looks?

H&R We have worked a lot with transparent fabrics, gold flickering details, light, and flowy silks all in pale and pastel tones combined with rustic, heavy fabrics and oversized outerwear. We wanted to create a dreamy and contrasted collection.

OD.M: Do you imagine where Baum Und Pferdgarten will be in two more decades? With the ever-changing fashion and garment industry, can you project which kind of system that your brand may go in, in terms of production and retail?

H&R: The Baum und Pferdgarten brand is moving forward, and we are at the moment experiencing an amazing journey. We are expanding in terms of design processes, our team, our ambition and much more. So it is almost impossible to say, where we will be in two decades, but it is very exciting to think about!
One thing is for sure, we will still be the two of us.

Check out the all looks here.