My first time trying out these brushes! I have followed Pixiwoos in what feels like forever, they kinda were one of the few first doing YouTube tutorials on Make Up. Now they have realised a prep brush kit and I must say I really like these, for work and personal use. The prep skin brush has different lenghts on the bristles and nice uneven bumps. I did feel a difference after brushing my skin with it, so much smoother! I did do it for too long haha, and my skin did not feel too good and itchy, but just a few minutes will do magic! 

And the eye roller, oh it just feels so good with a bit of eye cream in the morning! It does not roll which I really like and keeps it much more hygienic and easy to clean. Just the kind of tools I have been wanting in my PRO- kit!!! YAAS! The small brush is a scrub brush for the lips, have not tried that one yet tho! And kit comes with a cream/serum/foundation brush also. I will for sure make room for these babies in my work kit! 

Check them out here and go get them!

Love, Pari Damani