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Last week I was invited to Babor which I've been a long time fan of. I especially like their ampoule concentrates which I normally use at least once a year to prevent tired and dull looking skin. The cure consists of seven ampoules, one for each day and a total of three steps. You simply break one ampoule per day and apply it to clean and dry skin (face, neck and decolletage) and massage it in until you have no product left in your palms. Since they are high concentrare serums, be sure to put on a moisturiser after application to seal it in properly. The ampoules contain concentrates of three roses, the Damascena rose, the Alba rose and the black Baccara rose. Did you know that Babor have their very own rose garden from which some of the extracts in the concentrated serums come from? Neither did I. Along with the Grand Cru serums they are also launching Babor anti age Tea, which you will soon find in shop. The Grand Cru cure is yours for 735 SEK and the tea will cost around 195 SEK. Welcome autumn.


Love, Christine Deckert