SO exited to try out all these goodies for autumn. I've already started on some of the products a while ago but they still need to be in this picture!

Bioderma is a long time favourite, we've been together arm in arm for 10 years now! Still a huge favourite in my kit and personally. I'm sure that K-Beauty had not passed by anyone, if you've never heard about it -wake up! Luckily for you we at Odalisque will publish a K-Beauty guide very soon! But, my point was that I have taken a dip in to the world of Klairs and I absolutely love the products! My favorite is the 'Freshly Juiced Vitamin-E Mask'. I have never seen my pores so tiny, and now I will top it up with Klairs 'Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop' which is a vitamin-c serum.

Verso is a brand I have seen everywhere but not had the chance to try. Thanks to Mildh Press I was given the oppurtunity to and looking forward to this Swedish skincare range on my skin.

Chanel, well what Can I say. I love Chanel I have always ALWAYS been a huge fan, and don't think I will stop any time soon. Their Sublimage L'Essence Fondamentale is just so nice. Skin is so smooth and the pores are minimized with a light creamy scent of vanilla and the extact of Solidago to keep skin firm. I am going to be extremely cheap with this one. Yes. 

Gabrielle, oh Gabrielle! In september I went for a press trip with Chanel to Grasse, to the fields of Chanel where the flowers grow making the perfume 'Gabrielle'. I absolutely love the perfume and the showergel and body lotion even more. Keep a look out for my experience in Grasse at Odalisque, written text about the art of perfume coming soon!

Now off to get my day started, hopefully I will have a face left come spring. 

x x x Pari 

Love, Pari Damani