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A while back I was invited to Copenhagen to take part of the launch of Helena Rubinstein's new skin care line Prodigy Cell Glow. Elisabeth Sandager, Global General Manager of Helena Rubinstein was there to talk about the brand history, their prominent research focus and their new skin care line. Prodigy Cell Glow is a luxurious treat and with prices above €250 each for serum and moisturizing cream and €140 for the eye cream it promises a radiant glow partially with help derived from Edelweiss stemcells. 

Edelweiss is protected and claimed to be an outstanding skincare ingredient. The beauty of it all is that you today with modern stemcell technology need one flower only to produce hundreds of thousands of skin cream bottles.

I enjoyed the broad presentation on the brand and the launch as well as the lovely champagne lunch. 

I was also lucky enough to get to spend the afternoon with Kicki Norman and Linnea Öst from Daisy Beauty and Lisen Sundberg at Geist - fun! Merci Berit for a lovely day. 


Love, Christine Deckert