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Australian luxury brand Mr Smith was one of the sponsors for our SS19 launch dinner and I've had the pleasure to try the products for a while now. I must say I really like them. My hair is normally dry but it looks rather healthy at the moment - they say pregnancy works wonders for the hair and it might just be so but I had some help for sure. 

There is a but: I do not at all like it when brands market their products as sulfate and paraben free - parabens are great! Claiming otherwise is unfounded and fuels the unneccessary witch hunt for the good (and perfectly safe) preservative. Most people know this by now so why the constant struggle? One might ask these brands which preservstives are used instead of parabens - a highly relevant question with answers not always pleasing. However, there is nothing wrong with going vegan and Mr Smith's overall high quality products have been PETA-certified and are not tested on animals. 

I've grown fond of their mousse & spray as well as the sophisticated design and you'll find them in selected professional salons only. 

Shampoo €35 / 300 ml and contains: Grape Fruit Peel Oil, Rice Protein and Mango Seed Butter, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil & Avocado Oil to mention a few.

Conditioner €35 / 300 ml and contains: Cacao Seed Butter, Wheat Protein, Carambisol, Myrrh & Marula Oil. 


Love, Christine Deckert


There’s nothing to see here.



There’s nothing to see here.