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There is this lovely place outside of Stockholm called Hellasgården. A little lake with a surrounding forest and walking tracks, a restaurant and a sauna. Henrik suggested that we´d go there yesterday to charge our lungs with some oxygen and maybe have a cup of something nice by the fireplace. After all, the sun was shining and the leaves had just turned orange - it was the perfect first real day of autumn. We had a lovely time as we do most of the time and I suspected nothing. He even didn't flinch when I suggested that on the way we'd buy a bazillion almond croissants. I have a dirty little perversion for almond croissants. I'm not ashamed of it. I also like eating them in bed and leave crumbles everywhere. That's another story. 

I was entierly sure we had walked into somone elses apartment when I opened the door. There were balloons. And ponys and a diaper cake, and even more cakes, and people, and oh - Uma, my friend Helenas daughther, and oh - the people were MY friends, and OH! They got me. 

What a wonderful surprise. I'm still moved by all that love and I wasn't expecting a baby shower at all, I can barely remember that I'm pregnant! 

Pregnancy brain is real, people. The week ended in the best way possible, and I must say I had quite a good start of the new one today as well. Probably because I ate cake for breakfast and then I got invited for a spontanious lunch that was just lovely. We have now entered pregnancy week 35 and I will do my very best to enjoy it fully and since I'm here I'd like to take the opportunity to wish you all a great start of the week as well. Laters!


Love, Christine Deckert