photography by CAMILLA ANDERSEN / Nordiska Museet

Arktis; The Ice is Melting

Written by Fashion Tales

At a time where the subject of our climate as it a critical point - Nordiska museet has now unveiled their latest exhibition 'The Arctic - While the Ice is Melting' following the lives of those living in the coldest climates in the world on a journey through their past, present - and a glimpse of where their future might be heading if we continue to live unsustainably.

Beautifully curated by Swedish duo Museea, the exhibit begins by walking us through a 400 sq meter Iceberg with a deep crack in the middle. The crack is an integral part of the whole exhibit as it ties together the different parts (past, present and future), and themes of ’breakage’, and ’movement’ as a result of the human impact on the Arctic. From the melting ice sheets, to the breaking of old traditions, the destruction of homes and mans dependency on nature and its limited resources, there is always a constant fight for survival.

The most intriguing aspect of the exhibition is the way people in arctic regions today react to challenging situations as part of their everyday life. A lot of these communities are hopeful, and prepared for what the future may bring as they have no other option.

We fortunately do have the option to make small changes to our everyday life, which takes us to the end of the exhibit - where you can leave a ’promise’ to the planet by choosing an action or changing a habit as a contribution towards a more sustainable future.