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I have all this wonderful energy today - I finally got some sleep. Pregnancy insomnia is quite common, so I've learned, and it has been making me totally bonkers. I wake up at 3 AM to clean the closets, read random articles on Wikipedia (I know all there is to know about volcano Etna now for some strange reason) and the online shopping. Let's not even go there.

I'm still in love with my white shirt from WeTwoStockholm that I got like six months ago. I actually didn't buy a lot of maternity wear at all - It's so boring - but instead a few high quality one-size pieces that will work wonderfully post-pregnancy as well and I'm qiute happy with that choice.

Chipmunk is rolling around in the belly, twisting and turning and he has these funny little hickups in there. Apparantly babies swallow water in the womb to exercise their little lungs for the outside world and they sometimes then get hickups. So cute. 


Love, Christine Deckert