United Spaces

Written by Fashion Tales

Odalisque Magazine met with Karl Garberg, Head of Marketing at United Spaces and talked about their new creative co working space designed by Specific Generic.

The new venue United Spaces Torsgatan is to open on the 11th January 20201, tell us a little about the architecture of the building and when it was built.
The building was designed in classic Jugend style by one of Sweden’s most prominent architects Ferdinand Boberg in 1906 with many restored details from the turn of the century including stucco decoration, high ceilings, arches and much more. It’s like walking in a museum, however filled with contemporary furniture design and art.
Tell me about the new co-working arena, what was the purpose for it and why did you decide to build it? 
We want United Spaces Torsgatan to be an uncompromising workspace for creative people. A mix of contemporary interior design, in-house art curation and facilities used for creative work such as a podcast studio, photo studio, pop-up showroom/store.

What feeling do you want people to experience when they come to United Spaces?
When people walk into United Spaces Torsgatan we want them to experience the juxtaposition of interior design and the historic features of the building, whilst immediately feeling welcome and at home.  
You have a very modern design in your premises, who made the modern interior?
The interior design is developed by Specific Generic, a renowned interior design and architect agency based in Stockholm but working internationally with fashion client such as Acne Studios.
Who would you say is the typical member at United Spaces?
We want United Spaces Torsgatan to be a welcoming space for all people with a creative and collaborative mindset. No matter if you’re running an AI-robotics lab, working as a brand  consultant or spend your days as a designer – we believe a creative mindset is more important rather than a title.
How is  this space different from your other locations?
United Spaces Torsgatan is quite different from our other locations in Stockholm. Thanks to the majestic building and its location to some of the best art in Stockholm, we want to welcome members with a creative mindset to Torsgatan whilst our coworking space at Waterfront building will continue to have a slightly more corporate feel to it.