photography by AGNES STRAND
stylist ANNA SUNDELIN / Agent Bauer
hair & make up LISA RÖNNQVIST

Madeleine Martin

Written by Anna Sundelin

Swedish actress who played Cleo in the famous web series Riverside. She also played in the short film “the Art of Breaking Up” and “Studio Sex”. The actress appears in the video clip “Addicted to You” of Avicii. 

What is your dream project?
I don’t really have one. My dream is to be able to work with a lot of different people from different parts of the world and learn other ways to make film, would love to write and direct my own projects.
How did you become interested in this field?
I followed my brother into acting. He’s five years older than me and I wanted to be like him and do whatever he did. My first thought was to be a photographer, so I studied that in high school. Where I met the best teacher I’ve ever had, Pippi Stenberg, who encouraged me to be in front of the camera during our classes. She was the one who persuaded me into my first audition which also led to my first job in acting. 
What did you learn a little too late?
To trust my own gut. That I sometimes know what’s best and that I know acting. And to not to be so hard on myself or my body or how I look.
How would you describe your aesthetics?
I don’t think I have a particular style. It constantly chances when I’m working but I have my roots and keep coming back to Stanislavskij and the old view of method acting. I’m a real nerd and like to dig deep and come as close as I can to the character, which is not always the traditional way of working in Sweden. I found out I have something for scents and use that a lot when I work. Different kinds of perfume or other scents can easily bring back a memory or remind you of a person. When I did my monologue at college ” just act normal”. I used my ex’s perfume in the third act to get me to the ” right place” in the scene. I had friends spraying the perfume in the audience at a certain point and the scent reached the audience and me at the same time. You could se their faces change during that last scene and it was really intimate. 
Would you describe yourself as more of a pessimist or a dreamer?
Both! I daydream a lot. Sometimes I find myself wandering the streets for an hour without thinking about where I’m going. Or I’ll talk out loud in a café or when waiting in line When I’m by myself.  One time I was waiting for the traffic lights to turn green and I zoomed out for a while, when I came back people were staring at me. I found myself laughing out loud while drooling.
What gives you energy?
My friends, partner and my mom! She’s kind of a hippie and doesn’t care for bullshit. She’s super funny and always reminds me of what’s important and what’s not. 
What is the best thing about being an actor based in Sweden?
To be honest, there’s loads of places around the world with exciting opportunities but hey, I’m so lucky to be able to do this anywhere. I’m privileged being born in Sweden during the 90’s and having the opportunity to choose what I want to work with. I can choose to not do a project and still be able to pay my bills and put food on the table because I can always take another job outside the industry. Feels like we often take that for granted.