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Written by Fashion Tales

Today, the 28th of MAY, 2021 R&B singer, songwriter and producer NYAROL is breaking the silence after years off the grid and outside of the industry. She is independently releasing her debut single ‘MMM’. NYAROL has been a songwriter for many years and has been active in her home country Sweden, but also overseas in the United States.

’I’ve always called my music nostalgic, classic RnB. But now I aim to kind of experiment with the format that is a song, ambiance and also just try to rebuild and reshape the classic idea I have around songwriting. But most of all I just can’t stay away from making music, it’s just too big of a part of me.’’

When did you realize that music was for you and how did it happen?
I was around 5 when my mom put me in a choir at church and I think I realized then that I could sing and express myself through melodies and song that way. As I got older, I would write songs in my room and eventually go off to study music in school. Once I graduated I’ve worked on my process, creating and spent most of my time exploring what’s true to me and who I am in this moment. 

What is your strength as a woman in the industry you work in and how do you handle the macho culture that comes with the genre?  
I’m still working on how I fit in and what I want to share with the world but I’ve come to trust myself and my decisions more over time and the space I hold with my voice as a black woman in this business. I more or less see the outside world as secondary to whatever Im doing and I keep incredible people around me who are like minded that have amazing ideas that do it for the love of music. 

What was your inspiration for the new music that you are releasing?
It's written from a place of missing someone and being in a long-distance relationship, I’ve had my fair share of it. This past year and a half forced me, and the rest of the world to spend time away from our loved ones and I wanted to make a song about what this weird time has been like. 

Which singer would you dream to collaborate with, dead or alive?
New Edition.

What is your dream project?
I am still working on it <3.

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