Green Little Heart
A Sustainable Lifestyle Universe



photography Claudia Fried
production & fashion Odalisque Magazine
makeup Nike Ortiz Dahl
hair Nika Carlsson
models Charizma, Clara, Emmi, Badou & Simon / FYE Management


special thanks to FYE Management


dress Sage Winther
sandals Zouri Shoes

Odalisque x Green Little Heart

Photography by Claudia Fried by Sandra Myhrberg
denim jacket & skirt Infinitdenim
bikini top & sarong worne as a turban Laara Swim
t-shirt Blu-Verd
necklace Arild Links
Simon wears
hoodie Blue-Verd
jeans models own
watch Votch
Charizma wears
shirt 1People
denim shorts Infinitdenim
ring models own
Emmi wears
jumpsuit 1People
necklace Arild Links
Badou wears
t-shirt Bluverd
trousers models own
watch Votch
Clara wears
dress Bastet Noir
earrings Arlid Links
dress Bastet Noir
t-shirt Skot Fashion
sweater Blu-Verd
denim models own
shoes Zouri Shoes


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