Marimekko Spring/Summer 2022

Written by Fashion Tales
Marimekko premiered its Spring/Summer 2022 ready-to-wear collection with a digital film at Copenhagen Fashion Week on 12 August 2021.
The first Spring/Summer collection led by Creative Director Rebekka Bay explores Marimekko’s theme for 2022: NEW FOLK. The collections reference recurring elements and similarities in folk wear around the globe, in Spring/Summer 2022 focusing
on botanical expressions seen in fashion and nature alike.
In the collection, the botanical theme is brought to life especially through designer Antti Kekki’s abstract prints and motifs inspired by plants, foliage, and flowers. The volumes and details of the season’s silhouettes also reference the natural world with petal-like shapes and textural, uneven surfaces. In the color palette, vibrant chlorophyll greens, muted rosy hues, cornflower blues and pale c alendula yellows all reflect nature’s mesmerizing splendor.
In addition to introducing newness, the collection will also feature familiar, recently updated Marimekko archetype silhouettes, including the A-line shape the brand has become famous for.
“I am increasingly drawn to the idea of finding meaning in repetition – for example in music, the way songs are built on patterns and themes that repeat. It is present in nature too. At Marimekko, we add to the building blocks of the brand each season, everything working together as wardrobe over time and for years to come. It’s about seeing the beauty in perfect imperfections,” says Rebekka Bay, Creative Director at Marimekko.
The season’s materials play with dense, papery cotton qualities. The crispness of cotton is balanced with sophisticated linen and Tencel blends, offering a lightness and airiness to the collection with crinkled and pleated qualities mimicking dried petals.