Djurberg & Berg, “How to Slay a Demon”, 2019. 

Installation photo by Carl Henrik Tillberg

Can't Keep it in, Can't Lock it Away

Written by Lina Aastrup

Can't Keep it in, Can’t Lock it Away”
Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg
Ends 02.12.21

Can't Keep it in, Can’t Lock it Away” is a solo exhibition by Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg exhibited in the home of gallerist and art advisor Eva Livijn at Karlaplan, Stockholm. Curated by Silvana Lagos.

The contrast between the absurd, darkly humorous and hyper-sexualised bodies of humans, animals and everything in between, and the stunning interior of the home of Eva Livijn is nothing short of brilliant. Having seen and loved Djurberg & Berg’s major solo exhibition at Moderna Museet in 2018, this was something completely different. The surrealist stop-motion video works are installed so as to start one after the other in different rooms, creating a set sequence in both time and space, like a contemporary theatre play. One that makes me think of the dark secrets kept behind closed doors or the suffocating feeling of putting up an elegant façade when chaos reigns inside – a feeling well represented in the exhibition title.

Since the renaissance, the marriage between the exploration of the body and architecture has led us to a new intimacy, a form of romance even, the exhibition at Eva Livijn's home offers a portrait, into the psychology, biography, sexuality, an intersection between the body of works of Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg and the intimacy of the home.”

The works presented span from 2008 until today, some of which have never been shown before in Sweden. If you are in Stockholm, do pay the exhibition a visit. It is an experience not like anything you are likely to see in the near future.

Open until Dec 2 by appointment only. Contact [email protected]

Djurberg & Berg, “One Need Not be a House,

The Brain Has Corridors”, 2018.

Installation photo by Carl Henrik Tillberg

Djurberg & Berg, “The Prostitute”, 2008.

Installation photo by Carl Henrik Tillberg