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all clothing by Felicia Halén Fredell

Born of Decay, An Interview with Felicia Halén Fredell

Written by Diana Neumark by Sandra Myhrberg

The Designer
“When I was little I was praised for my drawings of people, this later evolved into “dressing up” my painted characters and then teenage me was thinking fashion design is the coolest thing one could do. Over time I realised it’s about the only thing I could actually do, so I naively pursued it and  entered the fashion industry like a baby ready to be moulded after anyone’s liking…” 
- Felicia Halén Fredell 

When  it  comes  to  fashion  and  design  Felicia  Halén  Fredell’s  thoughts  and  feelings  differs  from  the  norm  of  a  fashion designer.  In  her  graduation  project  essay  she  wrote  that  her  design  is  born  from  her  “contradictory  relationship  to fashion and the guilt it has brought”.

Which is your favourite design piece made?
My favourite piece is always the newest one, the one I  just made- or the one still in my head waiting to be made! Onto the next design that is always going to be bigger and better. I’ve simply stared at the ones in my archive far too long, so they don’t feel like achievements anymore.
‘Born of Decay’ was the name she chose for her graduation collection, shown at the catwalk when she graduated from Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, 2018. Her ambition was to make an emotional collection, that was close to the heart and left the viewer with elusive emotions. Her goal with the design was to add as much value to fashion that it can’t be dismissed or rejected out of hand.

“I have realised that my creativity has sprung from a critical examination approach that is often also 
emotional rather than necessarily negative.”
- Felicia Halén Fredell

What is your favourite material to work with?
I love fabrics that kind of defy people’s expectations of them. Like raw silk for example, it’s extremely rich in colour and  has  an  uneven  structure  that  gives  it  a  lot  of  life.  Most  people  seem  to  think  of  satin  as  soon  as  you  mention silk but they don’t know all the different forms the fiber can take on. Or how about a very fine wool crêpe with the most luxurious fall and matte finish, it’s destined for a draped dress - Just call me a fabric snob, I deserve it!

Besides off being a fashion designer with a big philosophical mind she also works as a costume designer, illustrator and print designer with a focus on high craftsmanship. Since graduating from Beckmans Felicia hasn’t stopped challenging the fashion industry and its intentions with her innovative and conceptually clever yet complex fashion design. 

Where would you say that most of your inspiration comes from?
I strive for symbiosis between me and the wearer of my clothing. The greatest inspiration comes from the interview, which  is  the  first  consultation  where  I  get  to  know  my  customer  and  ask  questions  that  will  determine  a  design.  ” When  you  dress  yourself,  is  it  in  functional  uniform,  protective  armour,  a  statement  of  beliefs  or  a  playful  party?” This  is  followed  by,  ”are  you  happy  with  the  state  of  your  style  or  do  you  wish  to  evolve  so  it  better  matches  your inside?” And finally, ”how would you like to feel when I dress you? empowered? vulnerable? both?” I believe fashion is a fine tuned language and I want to express whatever is on the wearer’s mind.

What can we expect from you in the future?
You  can  expect  fashion  that  is  thoughtful,  personal  and  authentic.  There’s  always  gonna  be  a  lot  of  drama  as  well! The  launch  of  my  brand  is  somewhere  in  the  distant  future,  but  only  as  soon  as  I  have  separated  fashion  from exploitation. This  is  just  a  brief  touch  into  the  mind  of  Felicia  Halén  Fredell.  The  young  fashion  designer  that  questions  the  status quo of the clothing and fashion purpose.

photography Christofer Zagal

fashion & hair Diana Neumark

model & makeup Cissi Torsler Viström  / Stockholmsgruppen


all clothing by Felicia Halén Fredell


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