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An interview with Delphi

Written by Khaddy Gassama by Sandra Myhrberg

With her positive state of mind, Delphi has a way of making the best out of every situation. And she’s putting her heart into everything she does, ranging from ice cold baths, passion for music, to the environment.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m Delphi, born in Sweden with Gambian/Trinidadian/austrian heritage. I Sing, write music, perform and do some producing. I have 2 street cats from Gambia, a loving family, and a passion for music out of this world! Super Grateful for all of it.

What does a regular day look like for you?
Right now I’m taking every opportunity to be in the studio with other people writing songs and being creative. I recently completed a small tour so December consisted of traveling, rehearsing, soundchecks, eating fast food, stressing out, meetings, having fun, and performing. Intense! In the days in between, I found comfort and recovery spending time with my love, swimming in the ice cold ocean (Wim Hof method), cooking nice food, hanging out with my cats, those kinds of things…
On the days when I’m not working at the factory, I like to make music. Working on 4 songs atm, and I have more coming!

How did you get into the profession that you are active in today?
As a kid, I never felt more in my element than on stage. When I acted, danced, and sang, I was myself. Being very bullied growing up, performing gave me the rare opportunity of recognition because I was good at it. This was extremely motivating. Also, I idolized successful people that looked like me, who I could somehow relate to, like Beyonce and Rihanna. Makes a lot of sense now, considering how few “me’s'' were represented in media, books, etc. growing up. 
It all started with a dream. And though it has not always been easy and I’ve doubted my abilities and whether or not I can succeed with this, I have always found my way back to the path. I’m good at what I do, therefore things I do always lead to something new!

What advice would you give to someone that would like to get into the career you are in?
I find people can be afraid to commit because of a fear of failing. Many have a fantasy of a perfect start, skyrocketing numbers of plays, instant recognition, etc. Being an artist is a constant commitment and rarely is there a “right time” or a “perfect hit song”. Even if you have an amazing smash song, chances are not that many people will hear it, especially if you're independent. Artistry is hard work, and we all have to start somewhere. The consistent ones will remain in the end, those who are willing to give their all and who love the process as much as the idea of the possible outcome.
Have fun! It’s all about networking, and If you're good at what you do, opportunities will arise, rumors will spread and you will have some sort of a career, even if you're not the next internet sensation :)

Tell us about the photoshoot for Odalisque.
I had the honor of working with Khaddy “Swedish Hair Mafia” who organized this shoot with Agnes Strand (photographer), Ken (stylist), and Thereza (makeup). I have done some modeling before, but this was something different. Every artist had a focus area, a job, and wanted perfection and I was the canvas. It was a thrilling and fun experience. Nice to be able to wear such cool designs too.

Who do you look up to and why?
The list is long, I look up to many people. My mother is one of my biggest sources of inspiration. She has the ability to turn difficult challenges into opportunities. I think that's an incredible superpower, to have that kind of strong mentality and be able to choose how you react and respond to things happening in your life.
I look up to people who find solutions, people who want to inspire others, and who take responsibility. People who strive to do their best regardless if they’re working against the stream. That’s inspirational.

Describe yourself.
I’m Brave, I’m strong and I rarely avoid a challenge. When I love, I love passionately and with my whole heart. I am not afraid to make a fool out of myself, constantly growing, evolving, exploring.

Which is your favorite song by you?
Of the songs that I have released so far, I was probably vibing most with PHRESH during the time of producing it. But to be honest, the stuff I’m working on right now has been on repeat a lot more… so I’m very much looking forward to sharing these next upcoming singles.

Where do you pick/get most of your inspiration from?
I’m inspired by LOVE, Heartbreak, relationships, angels, and demons. Almost everything I write is about things I have experienced, either by hearing others' stories or by going through it myself. I try to empathize with people, even those who do me wrong. By writing about it, through my perspective, or trying to understand theirs, I deal with it. I work through it, I get a better understanding and can eliminate hate or bitterness. So music is like therapy in a way.
I like to have contrasts in music. A heavy message with an uplifting beat, like bringing up abuse in a way that makes you dance and also reflect, I find effective… One of the songs I made the other day for example is about a worst case apocalyptic scenario where we have destroyed the planet beyond repair. I ask for forgiveness in my lyrics though I know It’s too late for apologies.

How do you stay motivated this time of year when days are short?
Physical movement and musical journeys. There is nothing more depressing than sitting inside for any length of time watching series in the dark… I have a deeply rooted need for movement, both in terms of exercising and change of scenery. I love biking, taking cold swims (such a kick), trying out different restaurants/cafés, and also working up a sweat. I have a physically very demanding job, working in a big fridge, lifting tons of milk and juice.
There are many reasons to avoid air travel right now: Covid, environmental reasons et.c. However, music enables you to time travel AND takes you places. I dream of hotter, sunnier, humid places, and some nice reggae, afrobeat, calypso, for example, can take me there!

End of last year you had your first release party. Tell us about that.
I collaborated with a group of music business students. They needed someone to promote in their finals and I was their chosen guinea pig. The promotion of the song wasn’t very successful, however thanks to Cassandra and Ami I had my very first release party. With the assistance of my go-to piano player Chris Sandberg, I performed three songs in a backyard in Stockholm, very intimate, very nice. More people than I hoped for showed up, it was pretty cold. It was just amazing.

You performed at the Extinction Rebellion Climate Event. What is climate awareness to you and how do you see that you can contribute?
Climate change should be made TOP priority, but is not. People are treating it like a thing you can choose to believe in or not. I think that the recent movie “Don’t look up” made some strong points, using a comet coming at top speed towards earth as a symbol for climate change.
We can choose to act as if everything is normal and that we are not in danger but by the time we’re ready for change, it might be too late. It’s easy to feel helpless and unable to make a change as a single person in this big world, but we can all contribute to change. My way is through showing support for people who are actually prepared to do something, like the Extinction rebellion, even if it's radical, because this is a radical situation that needs immediate attention! I will write about it in my music, try to support good ideas, brands and inventions and spread awareness, however I can.

What are your plans for this spring and 2022?
My plan is to release a new single early this spring. I have upcoming collaborations with artists in LA, Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Gothenburg. I'm also doing a live show that will be uploaded on Youtube, by Selam Sessions. I have some Live gigs planned as well but with the current situation with restrictions, you never know. So I am focusing on creating murda music, and planning a smart and effective marketing strategy for the songs.

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coat DAY Birger et Mikkelsen
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