photography Ninja Hanna
fashion Josef Forselius
shoes Bottega Veneta

Velvet Morning

by Ninja Hanna by Thea Undemo
Signe wears total look Rave Review shoes Bottega Veneta
Bea wears top Calvin Klein jeans Bewider underwear Closely shoes Versace
top Love Is Shouty But Iconic body Versace
Selma wears dress Calvin Klein slippers Stand Studio
earrings and bag Bottega Veneta
Signe wears sweater Baum und Pferdgarten
stockings Stylist’s Own shoes and bag Bottega Veneta
sweater Baum und Pferdgarten trousers & Other Stories
belt Humana bag Bottega Veneta

Chyn wears dress Versace stockings Stylist’s Own
shoes Bottega Veneta necklace worn as body chain Celyn Gel

choker Rave Review
Bea wears shoes Versace

Chyn wears

boots Stand Studio

necklace Rave Review
Signe wears

total look Rave Review

shoes Bottega Veneta
Selma wears

shirt Samuel Westerberg

shoes Kevin Nilsson
necklace Love Is Shouty But Iconic
bracelet and ring Model’s Own

coat Samuel Westerberg
underwear and necklace Model’s Own
earrings Bottega Veneta
Signe wears dress Fri Hetta bikini Humana
stockings Stylist’s Own boots Bottega Veneta
Selma wears bikini top and bottoms Humana
shoes Bottega Veneta
dress Humana leg warmers worn as sleeves Fri Hetta
underwear and necklace Model’s Own
shoes and earrings Bottega Veneta bag Mulberry
photography Ninja Hanna
hair Dejan Cekanovic
fashion and casting Josef Forselius
makeup Francisca Saavedra von Dessaur
set design Angelica Nyman /Amiga Agency
models Chyn / Nisch Management, Selma / Fiiri Agency
Beatrice and Signe / MIKAs
photography assistant Emanuel Koroly
set design assistants Love Karlsson and Nora Olsson Gärd