The Essentials of January

Written by Yasmine

The first month of the new year has been a lot. It went fast, yet very slow. In beauty, January is a month of hydration, and a time when we can stop and take a moment to re-evaluate our routine. Here are the essentials from January, to bring into the new year.

Lip Sleep, Propolis Lip Sleeping Mask, Cosrx
Starting this year, I am going back to K-Beauty. One of the products I have been using is the amazing and smooth Lip Sleep from COSRX. It’s a multi-lip mask that melts on your lips when you apply it. It’s enriched with 6 kinds of honey extract and is my new best friend that will last forever. Find it here

Izumi Tonic Strengthening Rice Water Treatment, shu uemura
The benefits of rice water have been a century-old secret especially in East Asia. A product that has to brought that into one product, is the Rice Water Leave-In treatment by Shu Uemura. A luxurious Japanese brand, finally getting more deserved recognition in Europe. The light spray helps give smoothness and strength to the hair, which we love. Infused with Japanese-sourced rice water, that strengthens and prevents breakage for healthy, nourished hair. And is said to make your hair 10 times stronger. 
Find it here 

True Soft Booster Masque, Maria Nila
Little time, great results. This little bottle replaces your conditioner and hair mask when time is of the essence. Maria Nila has created a booster masque with argan oil to leave the hair soft and hydrated. With a smell of vanilla, rose and jasmine. Great to have both for travel and at home. Find it here

Solid Soap, Unbottled 
Equivalent to 2 plastic bottles, and biodegradable – who don’t want to try to make 2023 to be more sustainable? This solid shampoo/soap made in France,  is a foaming sulfate free and silicon free formula that helps cleans the scalp and hair. Including argan oil, broccoli oil, and green clay to help balance the scalp. All with a 100% natural scent of rosemarie and mint. Find the Unbottled collection here

Ultra Pure High-Potency Serum 1,5% Hyaluronic Acid,  Kiehl's The up coming new serum from Kiehl's is only made of 7 ingrediants. That plumps and moisturise your skin. It's easy, light and works for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The greatest part is that it has a lovely consistency that works perfectly to apply after your toner, or right after essence. To give hydration to your dry skin. 

Except for beauty products, your mind is as important for a new routine. A candle and a new planner are two easy steps to add to your routine. Try it and see what you think, and make it a part of your beauty routine this year. 

Skog Scented Candle, Skandinavisk A Swedish rapeseed wax blend in painted glass with a pure cotton wick and engraved beechwood lid. The scent smell just like a forest. Pine needles and fir cones, birch sap and woodland lily of the valley.

Quarterly Productivity Planner, Intelligent Change
Transform your productivity, and be better at planning and remember your plans with a Productivity Planner. Intelligent Change has countless of different notebooks for all you want to achive. This planner is to help achieve your goals in 90 days. A smart, minimalistic designed 90-day planning system designed to maximize your growth, productivity, and mindful living. Find the planner and change your life here

Photo: Intelligent Change