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Design House Stockholm's New Home

Written by Fashion Tales

Design House Stockholm has found the perfect location for its showroom, event space and head office at the very heart of Stockholm. At Götgatan 14, once the home for Record-Teatern, one of Stockholm’s oldest and most spacious cinemas, they have landed right by the reborn Slussen that links the Old Town with the vibrant creative Södermalm, the South isle of the Scandinavian design capital. They say that they will have their love for design on permanent display here, and all true Scandinavian design aficionados are invited to come along and share their passion.

Some sixty designers has seen their ideas been brought to life with the keen expertise of Design House Stockholm for some 28 years. The storefront’s generous window display will bring to life this ever-changing selection of design classics and novelties, an unending series of creative innovations that continues to imagine new possibilities in both contract and home settings. Do step inside to browse a floral installation by a local flower shop showcasing eco-designs such as Atelier 2’s indoor greenhouse. Or meet a minimalistic stage-set with Carina Seth Andersson’s low-key tableware for Nationalmuseum along with Lena Bergström’s wool and leather-rimmed rugs. Behold Alexander Lervik’s Luna hailed as the ultimate globe pendant, and Tatu Laakso's Olivia Chair that offers balance lightness, sturdiness, and comfort: slender in appearance yet comfortable to sit on. The interior will change with every exhibition and will also offer the possibility to meet with both famous designers as well as aspiring newcomers right here in the middle of Stockholm. Step down the old cinema’s well-trodden marble stairs to visit their creative workspaces where their unique publishing house of design continues to assemble the very best design talents. Participate in their discussions with designers, and go right into every detail in some of their most famous designs. Delve into their choice of materials, designs, and workmanship. Learn more about 15 producers around the world and their code of conduct. Challenge them and their designers on bespoke designs for architectural projects. And Partake in their quest for the best ergonomics and a truly sustainable slow-design that creates new archetypes for modern living. Their space will of course be as easily visited virtually through their soon to be reborn website.

Götgatan 14, in the very centre of Stockholm, is our new home after many years in different locations. And Södermalm is spot on as the very apex of their Stockholm based design. Right here Götgatsbacken rises in a steep slope almost up to Mosebacke where August Strindberg situated his radical satire The Red Room that brought the young novelist immediate fame, and where one enjoys a wide view of Stockholm cityscape distributed on a multitude of islets. Greta Garbo was born just a block away some decades later, as well as much earlier on the poet and musician Carl Michael Bellman. And do not forget the philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg, who had his summer house here in the 18th century, or Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy, which is acted out here. Today quite a pedestrian Södermalm is full of fashion and vintage shops, cosy restaurants and beer gardens, while at the same time hosting a major part of Sweden’s architecture offices. Slussen is a new meeting spot in the city with a newly renovated City Museum, and with a new Nobel Museum about to be built. Another treat is Fotografiska showing photography from all around the world with an acclaimed restaurant. Södermalm is without doubt the very birthplace of a large part of a Swedish design sporting that unmistakable energy and easy-going attitude that characterise Design House Stockholm. Not surprisingly, a lot of their designers have their workshops in this former working class neighbourhood, and they surely aim to bring along and show their diversity, expertise and standing at Götgatan 14.

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image courtesy of Design House Stockholm
image courtesy of Design House Stockholm