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Looking Forward, An Interview with Julia Weström

Written by Sandra Myhrberg

Julia Wiström, 31, currently works as a bag designer at a Swedish bag company in Stockholm. She also runs her own brand, where she creates and sews mini-collections, showpieces, and sells on commission. She has just completed a spring collection called “Kitchenmaid,” inspired by classic housemaids, checkered kitchen towels, and humor. We sat down with Julia to discuss her upcoming collection, her career as a designer, and sustainability in fashion. 

Your upcoming collection “Kitchenmaid” sounds intriguing. Can you share more about the inspiration behind it and what we can expect from this collection?
It's also a ready-to-wear mini-collection. Lots of checks, lots of lace. The materials are a mix of new and old. I got the idea last year when I was in Paris. In a restaurant, there were kitchen towels hanging all over the ceiling, and I was super inspired. I realized I had to create a collection based on kitchen towels. From there, it evolved into a little story about housewives, which in turn led to 'Kitchenmaid'.”

Are there any new techniques or materials you are looking forward to experimenting with in your upcoming designs?
Looking ahead, I'm eager to explore knitwear further. I spent quite a bit of time on it at Beckmans, and I feel there's more to explore and develop in terms of fun knitted pieces.

How important is sustainability in your design process, especially considering the use of leftover materials from your original collection?
Sustainability is a cornerstone of my design philosophy. Incorporating leftover materials from previous collections not only minimizes waste but also challenges me creatively to transform discarded resources into unique and desirable pieces. It's a practice that aligns with my values of responsible craftsmanship and environmental stewardship.

What trends do you see emerging in fashion design, especially in the context of sustainable fashion?
I've noticed some exciting trends emerging in fashion design lately, especially with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Many designers are embracing recycled materials, which is crucial for reducing our environmental impact. There's also a growing focus on social sustainability within the industry, which resonates deeply with me. Consumers are increasingly curious about the origins of their clothes, and it's encouraging to see more transparency from brands. I'm also excited about the shift towards timeless and sustainable designs that promote longer garment use—a practical approach to reducing overconsumption. These trends reflect a positive direction in fashion, where both people and the planet are being prioritized—an area I'm genuinely passionate about.

Can you share a memorable moment from your design career so far?
My foremost memory was when I sold my first garment. It was enjoyable and a validation that people are willing to pay for what I create. There are so many creators in the fashion industry, and standing out is challenging. That's why I'm always particularly happy when people purchase products and place orders with me. I'm very humble about it.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time when you’re not designing?
When I'm not working on design, I love hanging out with friends and my boyfriend – I'm very social and enjoy being around people. Food is a big passion of mine; not to cook, just to eat, haha! I enjoy dining out, savoring wine, traveling, and being in the sun. I probably like most things that most people enjoy. I also enjoy organizing parties, something I used to do as a job and still cherish as a hobby. Actually, this summer I'll be DJing on Gotland, which should be really fun! I love having a good time and laughing. At the same time, I also enjoy relaxing and listening to true crime podcasts.

photography & AD Amir Golzari

fashion Daniel Darko

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all clothing by Julia Weström