• Happy birthday little V! We celebrated our girl with her grandmas, doing what she enjoyed the most - eating fruit salad with whipped cream. Next weekend we'll have a birthday party with the bigger family and some friends at my moms house. I know birthdays come every year but this first one feels like such an achievement somehow, right!?
    Today baby got her one year vaccine so she's actually sleeping it of right now next to me in the bed. She must have remembered the shots from last time because she started screaming hysterically when the doctor came with the needles... The doctor said next time will hurt less, so at least that is good. When she wakes up we'll have lunch (couscous with chickpeas, tomatoes, carrots and feta cheese) and then we're spending the entire afternoon in the park.
    Vesper's wearing a dress from MyBliss, stockings from Sprall and the moccasins grandma bought in South Africa.

    Love, Michaela Widergren
  • Almost exactly one year ago I looked like this which means that my little baby is turning 1 year today. It's amazing how my life has changed the last year, all for the better. I think I always knew somewhere back in my head that being a mom would be awesome but you never know until you've tried it, right?
    We're just about to head over to grandma for a little celebration. Pictures of the b-day girl will come up later today!
    On this pic I was wearing H&M and Minna Palmqvist.

    Love, Michaela Widergren
  • Our TV is gone! We gave it to Dante (Sandra’s son and Vesper’s oldest cousin) for his 12th birthday. Instead we hung a large photo on the wall that I took last summer while hiking in the mountains. The apartment feels so much bigger now and airy! But we now have a pile of Odalisque prints on the floor that I don’t know were to put them… They used to live underneath the TV. Well well.
    My little baby is turning 1 year on Saturday! Can’t believe how big she is, its crazy how time flies. On Thursday we’re finally shooting the apartment + baby is doing some work for H&M.
    Now we’re listing to TLC and prepping dinner.
    I’m wearing Zara jeans and a Weekday sweater, Vesper is wearing Adidas trousers and a Ralph Lauren sweater.

    Love, Michaela Widergren


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