• I have been to Hell and back and let me tell you it was wonderful. (Louise Bourgeois)

    Love, Karissma Yve
  • Folie à deux objects in .925 oxidized, sterling silver.

    Love, Karissma Yve
  • Currently working on my brand Xenophora’s first collection. Within Xenophora, I create all handmade objects including gender neutral garments, artifacts and metals.. just as you see here. I am working diligently toward the completion of the collection. I don’t concern myself with seasonal trends or fast fashion. I take great pride in the rituals of the process, the materials and the art in adorning the flesh.

    “An elixir, alchemically composed to perfection, or at best perfection in our own regard. Occultic hymns fill the air. Xenophora 001, is the first collection of its kind. A complete manifestation of ones being….. “ [via Xenophora 001 concept book]

    Pictured above:
    Ring in 925 sterling silver

    Love, Karissma Yve


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