• I have been extremely busy as of late carving waxes, casting ring samples in silver and oscillating in and out of reality. A panging desire to just create. I fell under a paralytic trance. The symbols that I live to understand no longer want to be understood. And in this moment of paralysis, I have become the symbol…

    I met with photographer Khloe at The Great Lakes Bar and Cafe and we excitedly discussed collaborating on my new project. She decided to capture this moment of being absorbed in aesthetics.

    Photographed by Khloe D.

    Love, Karissma Yve
  • These shoes remind me of past loves and the more I wear them, the more they fade into a great nothingness.

    I am spending this Sunday exploring forbidden fields and creating things in Margiela.

    Love, Karissma Yve
  • My tongue tasted of salt water and ash while the nights pneuma intrigued me to indulge in my desires. A sort of winded cloak lit by the stars and wet moon caressed my being.. I haven’t felt this way in a while. It was a moment of great juxtaposition. Something like the nothingness of infinity.

    I have an urge to just do what spring does with the trees.

    I am relocating to a different city for a while. I need something completely different.

    I can’t keep playing these games of catch up with life.

    High priestess, Chicago awaits you.

    Love, Karissma Yve


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