• Lady Algiz.
    Acrylic, silk chiffon and silk thread

    I loved painting this.

    Love, Karissma Yve
  • The creation of metal objects, base metals into gold and the prolonging of the quality of life through life’s work. This is everything to me.

    Our hands are the voices of our soul, the fractals adorning our palm contain a lineage of our past lives. I frequently observe my hands and the hands of strangers. I get this inclination that these hands are the distant image of their inner most being.

    This is what my hands frequently look like..

    Love, Karissma Yve
  • I have this sort of love thing for the decaying structures here. There’s this profound essence about the quiet and the slight hum of everyday outside of this place. On the 3rd floor of this decaying structure there was life growing from the abandoned concrete and wooden foundation. How is it that even in death there is life?

    It is a complete and utter honor to have been invited to become apart of the wonderful ODALISQUE team.


    Love, Karissma Yve


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