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Bohemian living in Birkastan in a small flat crowded with clothes, shoes and fashion magazines. Previous archaeologist now working my way in the fashion business. You'll  probably find me hanging out at local bars. I love wine and colorful eclectic outfits. 

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  • Wearing vintage coat and dress, walking around feeling pink and fluffy (and cold)!

    Today I went out trying to avoid buying stuff I didn't need. Unfortunately this went exceedingly bad and I was facing an utterly failure, since I spotted this perfect dress. Also found a multicolored silk scarf I most certainly needed. Told myself that It will go perfect with everything in a perfect sort of mismatch. Then I bought wine, went home and realized that I was broke as hell and promised myself that I would never go out shopping again, ever. Luckily I'm leaving town for a while to chill out in the countryside. Min dear mom will hopefully feed me and there will be only trees, cats, fireplaces and no commercial temptations what so ever. My economy will flourish since I will be able to freeload on behalf of my tender mother. 

    Photos: Kevin G Lobos

    Love, Karin
  • Christmas… I'm already sick of Christmas food and everything about Christmas such as bad tv shows, “DIY” Christmas food, decoration and booring Christmas shows, all the talk about the baby Jesus and “cosy” comedies trying to prove that Santa actually exists.

    Christmas Day must be the year's most slow and depressed day. Almost everything is closed! Because I was so bored I painted my nails with a kind of trashy sparkle nail polish. I was even so bored that I cleaned the whole apartment and did the laundry. Fortunately, I had been anticipating that even Systembolaget would be closed so I had a bottle of wine at home. Today's best insight was that my local newsstand had all Christmas chocolate boxes on sale. Unfortunately, it's only 45 days until I'm leaving for Jamaica but I think that it is considered fashionable to be a little chubby over there. 

    Love, Karin
  • Hello! Have u missed me? ;) 

    I have been super busy at work, well… also busy eating tartare and consuming red wine, as usual! Soon it's Christmas. By now people are stressed out, on the verge of total breakdown. People are running around as fast as possible trying to buy as much as possible. Personally I bought a Christmas gift for myself, this perfect tulle skirt with the perfekt fluffy, yet crispy feeling. I tried to believe in Santa for like tooo long, but then gave up and decided to buy the stuff i needed. Happy Christmas god damn it! 

    Walking around in my new skirt from Marc Jacobs, also wearing vintage blouse from Beyond Retro, Rodebjer fluffy jacket, Asos head piece, shoes from MJ and bag from Swedish brand Minimarket. 

    Photos: Kevin G Lobos

    Love, Karin


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