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This is a place where I share my passion for writing and its creative process. But also my interest in:

Holistic psychology ✩ Movies/book tips ✩ Vegan food  ✩ 

Small and big things in everyday life that inspires me 

The past year I´ve been traveling a lot across the globe both personal and in my job as a model.

Currently I’m a communication student at Umeå Uni.

Always seeking the next adventure.

  • Yesterday I had the final submission of the exam for this course. It feels so good to be done! So me and my friends decided to go celebrate! And what better way to celebrate than with some delicious food and drinks at Pinchos here in Umeå. They call them self an app-restuarant, wich means that you order thorugh their app on your phone. All their restuarants are decorated like an old circus from the 20s, dark, cosy and a lot of funny/quirky interiordetails, love it! Their vegan and vegetarian tapas were so good, my favorite was the goatcheese with beets, perfect with a glass of red wine! A really good tuesday night so to speak :-)  

    Love, Amanda Kristofersson
  • I'm now back in Umeå after spending some quality time (days) in the mountains with my family. It was really much needed, just not have to think about any schoolwork, just enjoy the view from the top and exploring new slopes. I love downhill skiing! It is the best thing with winter, it is such a nice feeling to spend a whole day outdoors. We also visited the mountainhotel in Borgafjäll where they have the cosiest fireplace to sit in front of and sipping an irish coofe after a long day of skiing.

    I really miss the mountains already, the freedom and the simple way of living. I mean just the sound from the fireplace, playing boardgames and baking our own pizza in the stoneoven in our cottage. Again: it is the simple things in life that makes us happy. I'm happy to study at a university close to my familys home, being able to visit them more than once ore twice a year is something that I value very high. 

    Love, Amanda Kristofersson
  • After listening to the audiobook Food Pharmacy, I feel like a have found the holy bible of food or something quite close to that! 

    From now on I will try to include one green smoothie in my everyday diet. Why? Because the body needs the fibre and vitamins from fresh, uncooked, vegtable and fruits. We tend to heat everything we eat today, which is making the food less healthy. The only thing that is good to heat is tomatoes, but that is an exeption.

    Did you know that the only oil that is safe to heat is coconut oil? And meat and diary in your diet is the biggest cause to chronic inflammations. In fact it is scientifically proven that the food you eat also affects your mental health! It is so much stuff that we eat that is actually slowly killing us instead of making us stronger and feel better. 

    3 things to avoid:


    -Dairy products

    -White sugar

    3 things to eat a lot of:

    -Super antinflammatory spices like tumeric and oregano.

    -Green vegetables like kale or spinach

    -Good fats like avocado, flax seed oil or walnuts

    So here is my favorite green smothie:

    -½ avocado

    -1,5 dl of oatmilk/nutmilk

    -1 date

    -Some kale (as much as you dare to use)

    Optional: 1 tablespoon of spirulina powder or any other superpowder like moringa powder.

    If you want you can also ad chiaseeds or a banana for some extra proteins!

    To be aware: There is a slight risk that you might end up as happy as Beyonce in this picture.

    And if you like chocolate (who does not?) here is my favorite chocolate treat that you can have as many of as you like (your body will thank you).

    -½ avocado

    -1 dl oatmilk

    -1 tablespoon cacao powder + 0,5 tablespoon carobpowder (or just 2 tablespoon of cacaopowder).

    -1 date

    Mix and enjoy with some slices of bana and coconutflakes.

    And oh, I almoust forgot to say, red wine (organic ofc, without all the toxic) is actually full of antioxidants. Which means it is good for you. And its friday. So hapy friday! xx

    Love, Amanda Kristofersson


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