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This is a place where I share my passion for writing and its creative process. But also my interest in:

Holistic psychology ✩ Movies/book tips ✩ Vegan food  ✩ 

Small and big things in everyday life that inspires me 

The past year I´ve been traveling a lot across the globe both personal and in my job as a model.

Currently I’m a communication student at Umeå Uni.

Always seeking the next adventure.

  • Lately I've been working a lot and this summer I decided to stay in Sweden (last couple of years I have been traveling and working as a model). This summer I'm going to work with the High Coast and placebranding, and i find it very exciting because it is so much that happeing right now in this region. My heart really beats for the beautiful nature with its almoust mythical aura. It is really a special place that one have to see and experience its unique environment. For me, who writes quite a lot, this place is a great inspiration and I think it would be perfect as a setting in a movie aswell. A dream would be to one day have a little cottage by the ocean, a place to write from and a place to get some energy. Lately I've come to realize that I think the optimal living scenario would be to live in/or close to a city and then have like a summerhouse to escape to from now and then. I really fell that my soul is more happy when I'm in a calm place, or when I feel freedom. I think a lot of people feel that way but feel forced to follow the steam, I really admire people that dare to follow their heart instead. The norm today is to live in the big cities, but I think that although they are big there is a lot of things in life that doesnt fit in a big city. And I'm very positive about the future and the oportunity with working from where ever it is possible with a internet connection. 

    Love, Amanda Kristofersson
  • 1. Båten (the boat) is the place to go to in Summer. Once you tried their sweetpotato fries you can die happy. Or their cocktails. Don't forget the nice music that makes you feel that youre on your way to Jamica or some place tropical.

    2. Rost Mat och Kaffe is the place to go for lunch in Umeå. Especially now in summer with their outdoor seating. Their salads are to die for. I mean it's only a salad, but still.. 

    Love, Amanda Kristofersson
  • Ok, so it's officially summer now, the contrast from the other weeks snowy weather and todays is crazy.
    It feels so good though, that the whole summer is ahead of us. The best is yet to come and for that I feel so exited! I just want to enjoy every single day that's left in May, I mean there is so much nice things to do here in Umeå right now.
    There is Båten, a nightclub thats open every day untill 2 am with mexican drinks and super nice vegan food <3 
    There is all the parks by the river, perfect for a picnic.
    And there is the “Brännbollsyran” the 2-3 th of june, which is a huge music (and sport) festival with artists like Zara Larsson and Kygo!

    Anyway, above you'll find some good vegetarian food to try out. Colorful food is a must in summertime if you ask me!

    From left to right: 1.Beetrot falafel  2.Stuffed eggplant 3.Jamaican grilled  4. Pasta with lemon and ricotta

    Love, Amanda Kristofersson


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