• Got trunks from Allvar Underwear the other day and realised quite quickly I had been missing out on a comfort I did'nt know of.

    “Underwear originating in Swedish wood. Carefully processed from the trees, to a fabric of the highest quality. Designed to achieve the highest comfort. Contoured to fit like you want it to.”

    I highly recommend you to check them out! :) 

    Love, Arda Sarper
  • Love, Arda Sarper
  • The other day I went to the launch of new menswear brand Adnym Atelier and I completely fell in love! Crazy about their jeans(well. at least on a hanger). Saw a few jeans models I got to try as soon I have the time. And not to mention a gorgeous hoodie they have in their collection. Really looking forward to see what they will create in the future.

    Love, Arda Sarper


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