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  • I am writing this with 30 minutes to spare as I wait for my taxi to the airport. 

    I have a week long “business” trip to Bali, and thought I would share these disposables from the past week!

    I am planning on trying to take as many photos as I can whilst on the island - so keep your eyes peeled for that!

    Enjoy this random bunch of photos as I try to survive my jetlag!

    Love, Dahlia Celestina
  • Wanted to continue my series with those random pictures you take at the end of your film.

    These were taken about an hour before I gave in my camera to be developed. 

    AKA: “I have to give this in right now before I forget, but I still have 5 photos left.”

    For my international readers, these are photos of my neighborhood!

    Hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I am officially 23 and feeling it; photos from that night will be coming up soon… 

    Love, Dahlia Celestina
  • Here I am again, with a part 2 of my Way Out West disposable series!

    There may even be a part 3, since I just looked in my folder of pictures and there's a lot more than from what I remembered..

    But there's also quite a few where I thought I was being slick and taking photos of the actual stage with the performer on it - but then it turned out to be half stage, half sky. Oops!

    PT. 2 is a little bit more focused on people.

    Here's a game for you: Guess which are my real life friends vs. people I made pose for me!

    Until PT. 3, enjoy!

    Love, Dahlia Celestina


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