• Here I am again, with a part 2 of my Way Out West disposable series!

    There may even be a part 3, since I just looked in my folder of pictures and there's a lot more than from what I remembered..

    But there's also quite a few where I thought I was being slick and taking photos of the actual stage with the performer on it - but then it turned out to be half stage, half sky. Oops!

    PT. 2 is a little bit more focused on people.

    Here's a game for you: Guess which are my real life friends vs. people I made pose for me!

    Until PT. 3, enjoy!

    Love, Dahlia Celestina
  • If you can't tell already.. I am becoming obsessed with film photography. No matter what the camera, disposable or a fancy Pentax I am all about it.

    I have been thinking of doing a series (depending on how long it takes to develop) on here where I post all my photos from my disposable cameras during a weekly/monthly basis…

    I love how every time I get them developped, you are ALWAYS in for a surprise!

    I am leaving some of my photos from when I was at Way Out West this past August! I will do a part 2 later on in the week!

    I am already impatiantly waiting for the 2018 lineup.

    PS. Can you spot one of our other bloggers? Greta looks amazing even when shes in a rain poncho! JEALOUS!

    Love, Dahlia Celestina
  • This past week I have been in a music frenzy!

    I saw Jacob Banks (supported by Joy Crookes) at OBAREN. That's where this picture of me was snapped by my lovely musical soulmate Alexandra Svärdh. 

    And Loyle Carner at DEBASER STRAND.

    The title of this post really hits home for me, as I have been on a musical quest. On a quest to go to small venues and appreciate a small crowd instead of always just paying a shit ton of money to see an artist who isn't as humble as they should be. 

    Now to be fair, I have listened to these artists before so I knew what I was getting myself into vibe wise. But I never thought I would walk out of a small crowded concert, wide eyed and looking around like “Wow, I feel such a connection with this artist”.

    Alright enough of the sappy - more of the actual music!

    I'm attaching my favorite songs from each person below…

    Jacob Banks

    Joy Crookes

    Loyle Carner

    You're welcome in advance!

    Love, Dahlia Celestina


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