• Just a little update.

    Now that I'm finally starting to settle into the new place a little bit - even though the weather recently is very gloomy and grey. I can't wait till it gets a little warmer and I can start using my balcony for real.

    Life is starting to fall into place, and new projects are coming my way! *praying hands emoji*

    More updates to come! 

    Enjoy my very gloomy, but also very charming new balcony. A lot of wine and dines will be spent here, I can feel it!

    Love, Dahlia Celestina
  • Die Antwoord recently dropped a brand new track with a music video to match, and this time, this video really got me thinking… (mostly styling inspo).

    I have ALWAYS been a fan of Die Antwoord, from the first video I have ever seen by them called “I Fink U Freeky” to the more recent “Banana Brain”. Their vibe is always something I look up to. They are a duo that, in my eyes, will always stay consistent. Which is something we don't see so often anymore. Especially in the fashion world, with creative directors getting dropped left, right and center. As well as even celebrity personal style changing every season. 

    Their brand new NSFW-esque music video, with the song title named “FAT FADED FUCK FACE” gives a whole new perspective to the music video world, mixing fashion, art, sex and religion all into one 4 minute video. And might I add, all directed by the main chick in the group (her name's Yo-landi Vi$$er). As well as having art work created by her partner in crime, Ninja in collaboration with famous artist Roger Ballen. The mastermind behind the crazy/kooky “looks like a 2 year old drew it” visuals in all of their styling/backdrops.

    If you haven't seen the video… I'll leave it, here.

    Enter at your own risk! Kidding. But don't be surprised if you see some ass, boobs, and even a peek of vagina, along with some serious satanic visuals. But remember - it's all in the name of art/fashion! 


    Love, Dahlia Celestina
  • So here's a little update.

    Just got to LA a few days ago. 

    Decided to go to an event for Foxes Magazine which did a David Bowie tribute night at “The Satellite” in Silverlake. I think I have a soft spot for up and coming magazines. To me, there's something special about it. Maybe because my first job was with one, *wink wink* Odalisque. 

    The event was super cool, and definitely something that is right up my alley music wise. Punk/rock indie bands covering David Bowie songs all night was defninitely a night to remember. 

    PS. Happy 2017! 

    Love, Dahlia Celestina


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