• SIDE NOTE! - Late post due to travel/Christmas time craziness! (Update will be coming soon!)

    This will definitely be on the longer side of a text post than usual.

    Wednesday the 14th of December, 2016. I graduated my MA in Fashion Styling which I have been attending at Polimoda in Florence, Italy.

    Now, let me give you a background story. 

    My entire life I've been moving here and there (starting off with Bali, Indonesia at 9 years old) and moving schools many, many times. And at 16 I moved to a tiny little peppermint infested town called Gränna in Sweden for my last 2 years of high school. 

    PS. If you haven't been to Gränna, you should. It's one of the cutest places in the world. Just imagine someone built a huge life size ginger bread house and that's where I spent my crazy high school days. 

    Moving on. 

    In high school, I was never really interested in my education. I was so happy to finally have a social life that I left all of that “You have to study for exams and get good grades to get a good job” stuff in through one ear and out through another. 

    When I graduated high school in 2013, I had no idea where to go, or what to do. And I was very much a big fan of a “Gap Year”, or in my case a Gap Year 2 years in a row - hahaha. So I decided to do that and thank god, I managed to find Odalïsque, because without these girls I would have probably still been lost and would be thinking about maybe becoming a DJ, or just working at a coffee shop as a barista until something fell into my lap. 

    This was the point in my life where I realized what industry I wanted to be in : Fashion. And let me tell you, when you find out what exactly you want to do with your life (even if it's somewhat of a small decision) to me this is a huge step. 

    Doing a Masters with no Bachelors was something I never thought woud happen to someone like me.

    So, in conclusion I just wanted to write a little sentimental post… Even if it's just for me to look back on in a few months or a few years. Or if it's going to help someone maybe make a choice that they are having a hard time making.

    So, with that… Happy Holidays!!! 

    Love, Dahlia Celestina
  • I know I know, ANOTHER museum post.. 

    Decided to visit the Uffizi Gallery one last time before I leave Florence for good. I've been there before, but the last time I went was about a year ago when I was doing a summer program here before going into my Masters, and I was hungover and did the entire museum (keep in mind this museum takes some time to get through) in around 45 minutes. Ahh, the good life of being on summer holidays..

    The past few weeks have been an ultimate frenzy of stress and poor time management… Finals are coming up and it's on the same day as my graduation. 

    I feel like I've been interning again. Except this time instead of carrying bags filled with clothes, it's carrying my school bag filled with my laptop, chargers and samples of papers for the printers. 

    Had to get my head out of the work, and look for some Florence artistic inspiration. 

    I've attached some of my favorite artworks below. Sorry if the resolution is low, sometimes an iPhone isn't enough. Especially for this kind of art. 

    If you are ever in Florence (put it on your bucket list immediately), this museum is A MUST

    And if you haven't seen my instagram story (@dahliacelestina) there are some other images and little videos as well. :) 

    Hope everyone has had a great weekend! 

    Love, Dahlia Celestina
  • Recently actually had the time to visit a very controversial exhibition in Palazzo Strozzi, by Chinese artist Ai WeiWei.

    Known for his very influential contemporary art pieces, he showcased sculptures, photographs as well as key monumental installations ranging from around the 1980's to the early 2000's.

    Was super cool to see something a little bit more harsh than all the other exhibitions that go on in Florence. Usually everything is related to big fashion designers, or very well known reneisance artists. 

    In conclusion, I am now a big fan of Ai WeiWei and what his works depicts in the world nowadays. His artwork/photography is something that I as part of a younger generation can relate to/have seen in the media. (Police brutality, censorship, etc.)

    I especially loved his documentary series named “Disturbing the Peace” (click to watch), as well as his photography series of him flipping off major monuments around the world. 

    I'm leaving some links below as well as some photos, so go check it out if you want to learn more! 

    Click to enter personal website ←

    Click to enter exhibition webpage ←

    Love, Dahlia Celestina


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