• I just saw this magazine, indie-mag.com and got stuck for this editorial.

    Photography: Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert

    Styling: Erik Raynal

    models: Sarah, Nele, Franziska, Emily

    Love, Mia Ekström
  • when you get lost for a few seconds. pictures from:http://weissesrauschen.tumblr.com

    Tags: TUMBLR.
    Love, Mia Ekström
  • I was supposed to help my friend with his photo-project but I did my own instead (in five seconds, hehe). I saw different materials and stuff and putted them together just as I wanted them. I used my iPhone5s because nothing of this was planned and It's something with this sculpture or photo i really like, but can't tell. I did not spent that much time to do this but i like it. When I do things or stuff like this I use to say to myself, “Rather that they puke, cry or laugh then not show anything or just passing by because it's all about the emotions”


    Love, Mia Ekström


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