• Yesterday was such a lovely day! I started of by visiting the agency and had a meeting with Fabriona!! We drank coffee and made plans for what to come. I know I've said it before but I looove Fab. The industry needs more of here. So my goal right now is to become to absolute best, strongest and optinal version of myself. I'm also thinking of to maybee start a YT channel for real! Seriously, what do you think? Would you watch? After our meeting I went to have a breakfast with Sandra at Gast! I'm trying to find optional breakfast places to Pom o flora, but I have to say it's HARD. The environment at Gast is so cozy, and their coffee is great, and yesterday morning (more like day) we had ryebread with avo and egg, wich was REALLY good. I did choose between that and their bowls. But most fo their bowls is with vanilla sugar which I don't really eat, at least not for breakfast. So GAST if ou see this, I'm almost sure that most of the people who want a chia or similar is quiet use to have it unsweetened. So besides this, I LOVE GAST! After the bruch the day moved on, I bought christmas gifts, and ended up the day with an amazinf dinner at Libanon something. Thats next up. NOOOW I'm in a hurry, because next for today is a brunch with Sally and Sofie at well POM o FLORA :D. 

    Love, Greta Dillén
  • Every morning  I'm getting up at 7 AM, jumping into my comfy clothes getting some tea and start of my day by watching the christmas calender, just beside out christmas tree. It's SO cosy and totally the best way possible to start the day. So, it holy moly 4 days left, and I'm NOT done with my chistmas gifts :)))! 

    Love, Greta Dillén
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    Now when I'll start educate myself to a health coach for real, I thought it would be a nice idea to bring my knowledge to my blog. 

    So I'll start a thing here and recommend different supplement for different needs, and today I'll start of with great stuff for the gut, because if there is one thing I've learned during my 22 years on this planet, it is to take care of the gut. 

    First of all, why? Because the gut is first of all the place where all the nutrition is going in to your body. Thats like your main place in your body, in my opinion. 70% if your immune system is in your gut, and yeah it's just important. The gut is also loke your second brain, and you know what - EVERY time i'm sick I'm getting depressed, and I think it's because my gut is sad. So things that can hemp your gut is to start of with is cell enzyme. It's to support you digestion. The enzymes break down large molecules in the diet and facilitate the absorption of nutrition. Secondly we have Probioplex- which is probiotics. I LOVE IT, eating it every day, because you do need more good bacterias than bad ones, and bad ones thrives on sugar and stuff and the god ones need to get down in your stomach by fibers, which leads me to my third recommendation, FIBERS. Something else which is being high if fibers is chia seeds and I find it really really good, tasty and healthy and I eat some kind of chia pudding almost every morning. Last but not least we have Vita Biosa which is a natural herb drink helping the digestion. 

    Love, Greta Dillén


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