• First of all, I would like to say that im happy to blog here at Odalisque. It just feels like my place. Here, im going to make mysealf at home. Many of you guys, who's reading this, have hopefully followed my life since a time back, but im also hoping to reach out to new people as I maaaybe could inspire, in one or one other way. 

    As you already have understood, my name is Greta Dillén, im 20 years old, I live in Stockholm, am modeling with Elite model Stockholm, loves photography and art, love fashion, love my friends, love to travel and explore new places, love yoga, love to live, love to cook, love to write, love to talk. Well, im a creative soul with a looot going on inside of my head. You should see, it's just like an other world. Some parts of this other world shows in feelings, some other is colouring my papers and a third part makes singel letters become words, and words become meanings. 

    This is my spot, to show you what i got, to show you a part of my world. Welcome. Hope you feel as exited as I do. 

    Xoxo Greta

    Love, Greta Dillén



There’s nothing to see here.


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