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  • I Almoste forgot that I did a little pitstop in my beloved Paris on the way home from Italy. Got time to catchup with a few freinds and had lunch at my favorite restaurant Maison Sauvage. If you havent tried theire truffle fries with parmesan its a must!!

    Love, Jahwanna Berglund
  • Back in Stockholm and fall is on its way. Just picked out my light fall coats and jackets and been eating waffles since I landed.

    Miss summer already though….

    Love, Jahwanna Berglund
  • Two weeks newer flew by so fast…I know Im obsessed with time. How long the longing for something feels like and suddenly its in the past… Whatever heres some pictures from Rom. I think its the most beautiful city. At least in Europe.

    Love, Jahwanna Berglund


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