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  • I dream a lot these days and I'm really in to blue  and purple at the moment.

    Was scrolling in my phone and found two amazing pieces in the most perfect matching baby blue color that would go perfect with my jacket my mom gav me last time I saw her.
    Heels Bottega Veneta and bag Chanel.

    Love, Jahwanna Berglund
  • ugalabo V and Le Café V, Is the names of Louis Vuittons recently opened restaurant verses Cafe located in their newly open store in Osaka, Japan.
    The store which resemble the sails of a ship from the outside was a collaboration between Japanese architect Jun Aoki and New York architect  Peter Marino.

    With seating for a hand full of guests each night Louis Vuittons restaurant  Sugalabo V offers an exclusive menue in a private atmosphere with toned downed colours.
    The cafe on the top floor of  the four-level store offers a lighter interior palette with a terrace and a bar open from day to night.

    Both cafe and restaurant is overseen by legendary Japanese chef Suga.

    Love, Jahwanna Berglund
  • Some Martin Margiela during hes time at Hèrmes.

    Love, Jahwanna Berglund


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