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It's all about my passion for accessories and photography.
I aim to shoot different characters, models, some still life, and artists that inspire me. 
If I can manage to inspire others on my path toward finding new roots and levels of my creative soul, that would be even greater.
I’m based in Stockholm, Sweden.
Enjoy! Yours truly // J_TUNEBJER
  • Dear followers and friends, I know ive been really bad at posting new artworks and photography here on Odalisque… 

    But i can assure you this will change starting from this moment on!

    Im quite shore that all artist and creative people at some point needs a break to be developed for better or worse. 

    so from me to you all, thanks for beliving in me and just vait and see, there are great things and artworks to be seen at my blog. 

    Love, Johan Tunebjer
  • Photo: Me 

    Location: Landsort

    Love, Johan Tunebjer
  • Photo: Me 

    Location: Unknown 

    Love, Johan Tunebjer


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