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It's all about my passion for accessories and photography.
I aim to shoot different characters, models, some still life, and artists that inspire me. 
If I can manage to inspire others on my path toward finding new roots and levels of my creative soul, that would be even greater.
I’m based in Stockholm, Sweden.
Enjoy! Yours truly // J_TUNEBJER
  • Love, Johan Tunebjer
  • Clothes and scarves STUDIO HEIJNE

    Model: Pauline S 

    Photo: Me 

    “For almost 12 years I have been part of one of the biggest fashion companies in the world: H&M. Working there as a designer brought a lot of good things. I have been travelling around the world while we were looking for inspiration, visiting Tokyo one day and going to gigantic factories in China the other day. But the best thing was working with different amazing women every day.

    After many years working for a big multinational company I felt I was at the beginning of a “slow divorce”. It was getting harder for me to come up with fresh ideas and I gradually started to think outside the core business idea. At the same time, I was recruiting young designers with huge visions and ideas about fashion. They inspired me and I dared to start dreaming again, painting visions in my head of the future of fashion.” - Wendy Heijne 

    Love, Johan Tunebjer
  •  Thanks Studio Heijne for a great shoot, new pictures up soon… <3

    Photo: Me 

    Love, Johan Tunebjer


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