• Hello from Italy! Visiting a friend in Florence at the moment, just got back here from 2 day trip to Rome. Quite an impressive city, Rome - at most places in the centre you really feel tiny. Florence on the other hand is much more charming, but noticably smaller…

    Love, Linus Leonardsson
  • At last! Here's the photo shoot of my second year collection at the arts academy in Antwerp which I've been working on day and night for the past year. The topic of the collection comes from the book Orlando by Virginia Woolf, where the male protagonist is enchanted to live forever young in the 17th century and additionally turns into a woman walfway through. Here, Orlando is taken into modern time, in the state where the book last left her/him, and tries to adapt and fit in to society around her/him.

    Photographer: Lineta Liduma

    Model: Eli Kopter

    Special thanks to Pommie Dierick

    Love, Linus Leonardsson
  • Some snapshots from the annual fashion show of the academy which was held in the weekend! It's mainly of my own stuff (including my plague doctor as historical costume), but it's rather rushed backstage so unfortunately I didn't have much time to walk around. Anyway, here's a taste!

    Love, Linus Leonardsson


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