• This monday I got home after having spent a weekend in Paris with Sackarias, and two busy days filled with work followed. Thus it was nice getting away for a bit, even if shortly. Here are some pictures from the trip, which in summation consisted of bad cappuccinos, cheap beer, grey skies, some nice French people, some not so nice French people, and great falafels.

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    Love, Linus Leonardsson
  • At the moment I’m working on a project focusing on human attraction, asking myself what it really means to be attractive in today’s society and why it must be so. With this project, I’m trying to redefine the body as we know it, to instead create alternative shapes and sillhouettes which may just as well be perceived as beautiful and/or aesthetically attractive. This is the first finished garment of the mini-collection - a jacket in black merino wool. It’s focusing on sculpturing a stiffer, stronger and bulgier torso and shoulder-part, but to still keep somewhat body-like shapes and proportions. I finished it a couple of days ago, and soon the remaining garments should be done too…

    P.S. This afternoon I’ll depart to Paris with Sackarias, thus absence of posts during the weekend will take place.

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    Love, Linus Leonardsson
  • Having explored the seventies and early eighties the recent days for a school project, I rediscovered this marvellous performance by ultra-fantastic french disco diva Amanda Lear from 1977. I find it greatly inspirational - that broad smile, the diffuse hallucinative Amanda-multiplicities and those partly hidden legs! Some fabulous tuesday inspiration, in other words.

    Love, Linus Leonardsson


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