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Model for Le Management. Fashion student.  Stockholm based.

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  • This may not sound very fashionable, but one of my absolute best purchases ever is this umbrella. However, it's not very fashionable to walk around with an umbrella that turns inside out due to the smallest gust of wind either. Or to be soaking wet with mascara running down the cheeks. These used to be the kind of first world problems that annoyed the hell out of me. So I simply googled “world's best umbrella” and after some research I realized that the umbrella had to be windproof. Hard to figure out, right? Anyway, apparently most umbrellas aren't windproof. The only one that I could find in Sweden that didn't look like non-amateur adventure equipment was this one from Knirps. It's called T2 Duomatic and comes in a variety of colors and prints but since I'm me, I chose black.

    I feel like I'm able to give an honest review after owning this umbrella for over six months, so here goes: It opens by clicking one button, it doesn't turn inside out, it's small and easy to take with you. Conclusion: Buy it or stay wet! (Or maybe choose to live in a country where rain isn't frequently present.)

    Love, Lo Iverus
  • Stripes4life
    Love, Lo Iverus
  • Randomly dressed the same way as this beauty today!

    I'm now stating something very obvious, but you can never ever ever go wrong with black. I'm not sure you'd like me if I said it was the color of my soul (I'm not saying it isn't though), but I could wear nothing but black for my entire life without complaining for a second. Ok, maybe at my wedding. Or when it's sunny af. But otherwise, never. Just add statement jewelry and you're good to go.

    Love, Lo Iverus


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