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Model for Le Management. Fashion student.  Stockholm based.

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  • Cat vision

    Not sure if I'll embrace the whole “Muriel Finster meets office rebel” look but who says no to a pair of cat eyes from Stella McCartney or Céline? Photo: Me Naiset. Click on glasses to shop them.

    Love, Lo Iverus
  • Let's hear it for some more yellow! Here are pictures from last week's issue of Me Naiset where I do some paper work for them in Helsinki. Hehe. 

    Love, Lo Iverus
  • Om jag gillar gult i vår? Jag släpade hem ett citrusträd med gula frukter, köpte en gul väska och hängde om i butiken så att den här gula drömmen är det första man ser när man kommer in. 

    If I like yellow this spring? I dragged home a citrus tree with yellow fruits, bought a yellow bag and rearranged the clothes in the store where I work so that the first thing you see when you enter is this yellow dream.

    Love, Lo Iverus




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