• Photos: Jörgen Brennicke/Bread and Boxers

    God knows I love my jeans, glitter socks and crispy shirts. But still, not much beats the feeling of changing into lounge wear… Although the pics do speak for themselves, I promise that this was one of my top three most comfortable shoots ever.

    Love, Lo Iverus
  • Stay Warm -17
    Click to shop / Picture is part of an editorial I did for Me Naiset -16.
    Since I'm the type of person who's always freezing cold, finding hats that doesn't make one look like a fuzzy mushroom is kind of my speciality. These warm and cozy beauties will soon come in handy - or rather vitally necessary if you live in Sweden.
    Love, Lo Iverus
  • Did you miss this face? I missed this face. Especially lately, since my body thought it would be fun to get infected with something that resulted in what the doctor believed was conjunctivitis. I know I have poor vision, but I've been seeing nothing but blur for days. Almost forgot what people look like, including myself. Anyway, I can now see again (well, at least with glasses) and I thought it would be the perfect time to show you some shallowness in terms of new work for Femina DK (they're the cutest team everrrr). 

    Love, Lo Iverus


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