My blog is about my everyday life.
That includes my interests in interior, design, architecture, graphics, art and also my love for books.

I am currently a student at Konstfack in the Master Programme - Spatial Design/Interior Architecture.

In my blog I will share what I like and what inspires me as well as my own ongoing projects.

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  • Always thinking about my hair. Some part of me just want to have it clean and simple. The other side get’s really bored. I feel like I need something new, again. Sadly I have to wait until the end of December.

    See: NOIR STHLM.
    Love, Mathilda Clahr
  • Julie Mehretu at White Cube in London.

    “Mehretu’s points of departure are architecture and the city, particularly the accelerated, compressed and densely populated urban environments of the 21st Century. Her canvases overlay different architectural features such as columns, façades and porticoes with geographical schema such as charts, building plans and city maps and architectural renderings, seen from multiple perspectives, at once aerial, cross-section and isometric. Her paintings present a tornado of visual incident where gridded cities become fluid and flattened, like many layers of urban graffiti. Mehretu has described her rich canvases as “story maps of no location”, seeing them as pictures into an imagined, rather than actual reality. Through its cacophony of marks, her work seems to represent the speed of the modern city depicted, conversely, with the time-aged materials of pencil and paint.”

    Tags: Art.
    Love, Mathilda Clahr
  • On my wish list: POV candle holder by Note design Studio for Menu. You can buy it here.

    “The name POV is short for ”Point of View”. In the movies the POV is right where the camera is aiming. The eye of the viewer. And depending on that point of view, things will change – settings, stories and the way we interpret things. Move around the POV candle holder and you will notice that your view alters the holder. From some angles it seems like a flat graphical drawing – move around it and suddenly the graphic lines floats in mid air. Shadows and shapes change, making it a fun object to interact with. The POV Candle Holder is a light, smart and playful product that can be used as a single piece or in a group. Beautiful on its own and stunning as graphical patterns on the wall or on the table. Variants: POV Wall for tea lights / POV Table for regular candles.”

    See: NOTE and Asplund.
    Love, Mathilda Clahr



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