My blog is about my everyday life.
That includes my interests in interior, design, architecture, graphics, art and also my love for books.

I am currently a student at Konstfack in the Master Programme - Spatial Design/Interior Architecture.

In my blog I will share what I like and what inspires me as well as my own ongoing projects.

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  • Acorn rope lights by Vasiliy Butenko. Available in black, blue and brown.
    “Cotton rope is a simple but quite interesting and pleasant material. The majority of objects crafted with the use of the rope are woven, which makes the object manufacturing process more complicated. My intention was to create an utmost simple and modern object avoiding the use of complicated weaving techniques. In order to create volume of the illuminator, I used the bottle, which in my opinion had the best shape to fit in. Having bonded all the layers, we created a compact, light and neat illuminator shape without a frame. Given that the shape is very simple, I tried to consider every detail. I used LED bulbs in this illuminator as they provide integral and concentrated light, which enables to zone space the illuminator is hanged over.”

    Love, Mathilda Clahr
  • When I see these kind of pictures I wish I always wore black clothes. I do, most of the time, but not always.
    Black in different shades and materials. The best combination, I think, and maybe the safest some how.

    See: JAK&JIL.
    Love, Mathilda Clahr
  • Some month ago I got an e-mail from Charlotte at VDJ HOME. She asked me to make some of my leather hangers for their shop. I love the pictures, thank you so much! Now available at VDJ MAISON BOUTIQUE.

    If you want more information about the STRAP and where it could be bought, just send me an e-mail.

    Love, Mathilda Clahr



There’s nothing to see here.



There’s nothing to see here.


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