My blog is about my everyday life.
That includes my interests in interior, design, architecture, graphics, art and also my love for books.

I am currently a student at Konstfack in the Master Programme - Spatial Design/Interior Architecture.

In my blog I will share what I like and what inspires me as well as my own ongoing projects.

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    Right now I am in the middle of my thesis work, analysing and comparing three sites. And it will be a lot of work from now on, which might lead to less blogging for a while. I'll have a hard time to catch up with other things than my own at the moment. Other than having a lot to do in school, I have tried to focus on my well being and to have the time to work out regularly. Two days in a row now I have been going to Yoga at YesYoga with Niklas Elgeryd, which is the best! Sometimes I feel I don't get the right workout for my back, and I have realized yoga is the right thing. After these two days the soreness in my back is present, and in many other parts of my body, but in a good way. 

    (The image is part of my study of one of the sites.)

    See: YESYOGA.
    Love, Mathilda Clahr

    Today I spend my day and work at Perspective Studio at St Eriksplan. Come say hi and shop yourself a gift or two! Open until 6 pm. I will also be there on Friday if you can't make it today. Hope to see you! 

    Love, Mathilda Clahr

    On the train to Copenhagen with my love. We will spend three days there as a well deserved vacation. Stroll around, eat and drink. We got ourselves a nice spot on the train next to an old man that probably thinks he is the most important person on the planet, speaking to himself, and clearing his throat loudly every each second. Luckily we have headphones so we won't be hearing him that much. Follow these days on my Instagram

    Love, Mathilda Clahr


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