Yesterday I sent my first job application! It takes time, I have been working in parallel with a digital portfolio, a short version portfolio that I'll attach to my applications and a longer version which I can print out and bring for future interviews. It is mostely just spontanious applications, so I'll have to have a little patience for a while, I think. It is sort of good that other things keep coming meanwhile, and I will begin to work with another collaboration any day now, which I will be able to share more of in a few weeks hopefully. Meanwhile, have a look at my digital version here. So, if you hear of something, or find my work interesting, send me an e-mail.

    Love, Mathilda Clahr

    Resently I have spent my days in a 3D-programme, working with old projects I made, to communicate my ideas and concept better. And today I woke up loaded with energy and excitement continuing with it, I might be crazy, but it might also be a sign that I actually like what I do? I could absolutely see myself doing this now and then! And these images are simple renderings and screen shots of my progress so far with an old student housing project.

    Love, Mathilda Clahr

    Just got my first test prints in various sizes, and they turned out even better than I hoped. I have one collage print in each version that is ready to be shipped any day now. Order by sending an e-mail or through my shop

    Love, Mathilda Clahr


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