“‘Extruded Expressions’ is a series of bearing columns with more than just a structural support function. Bram Vanderbeke’s construction elements have an added distinct behavioural, even emotional quality. Designed for public spaces such as airports or train stations and inspired by urban landscapes, they create a space within a space, each linked to a different function. The multiple levels of the Absorbing Column soak up sound and light, creating a quiet niche. The Connecting Column, a place for two people to lean against, encourages conversation. The Highlighting Column is a bright, sound-directing column: a spotlight for people who like to be seen.”

    Via: Carpenters Workshop Gallery

    Love, Mathilda Clahr

    It was on time I updated the shop, as I added prints to it, the hanger do not come first anymore. The era has changed a bit, a new chapter in a way. Today I will shoot the collage prints in their frames. And also prepare for the weekends activity, me and Lija Silins are sharing space at Galleriques Design Market at A House (others that will be joining are Jennie from Bedazzled Jewlery, Grounded FactoryCiviliants & Alice Fine.) Unfortunately my art prints won't make it there in time, so they will be avaliable for pre-order in the shop instead. And if you live in Stockholm I'm able to meet you and skip the shipping costs. If some of the prints are not in the size you like, let me know and I will try to make an exeption! 

    Love, Mathilda Clahr

    Added these four prints in the shop yesterday.

    Size: 40x50cm. Each is numbered 1-50. Pre-order here

    Love, Mathilda Clahr


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