My blog is about my everyday life.
That includes my interests in interior, design, architecture, graphics, art and also my love for books.

I am currently a student at Konstfack in the Master Programme - Spatial Design/Interior Architecture.

In my blog I will share what I like and what inspires me as well as my own ongoing projects.

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  • My current workspace. 

    Trying to convince my father to keep the old floor we found under tons layers in their workspace. I actually hate when you renovate old buildings and just adding new things, or floors that look old but are new, and having the old building only as a shell, and not keeping the actuall history. I know that it isn’t possible in every house, but I love the combination of the old memories with the new, that makes it interesting. Something you should think about when you are about to renovate your apartment or house, I think. My dear classmate Sandra worked with these things in her very interesting degree project. I believe that these things need to make us more aware of all of the interiors. What we actually value of the builings, why the interiors seem to be less imporant than the acutall builing in most cases. What do you think? 

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    Love, Mathilda Clahr
  • This Thursday I graduated from the Bachelor Degree Programme in Interior Architecture at Konstfack. And off to a well deserved break for a couple of weeks, with no plans at all. Finally having time for myself, my friends and my family. Prepare myself for the fall for the Master’s Degree Programme in Spatial Design. As I have studied five years already I’m pretty tired, but I’m absolutely looking forward to the upcoming two years.

    Love, Mathilda Clahr
  • Six - Comme des Garcons Magazine from 1988. 

    Love, Mathilda Clahr


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