ON MY WISH LIST: Relief by Amalie Bjarnhof

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    Love, Mathilda Clahr
  • BOXES.

    Working full time at IKEA during a month and preparing a large order with hangers makes my time just fly away. No time for being outside or with friends. Makes me want skip July and prepare for August when I have my un planned vacation. Maybe a trip to Berlin in the end of the month would be good. Otherwise I hope to get som rest before school starts again. 

    See: STRAP SHOP.
    Love, Mathilda Clahr
  • BOOKS.

    My messy shelf is starting to get very crowded. I love my new old book by Yohji Yamamoto - Talking to myself. A book I just bought without thinking, and if I had I would have told myself it was really too expensive. But here it is, in my shelf looking good. A classic I won’t regret buying. My mission to have my own library is still going slow but strong! 

    Tags: Books.
    Love, Mathilda Clahr


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